This is how ArOZ Online System works.


This is where the system started to get interesting.

Features of ArOZ Online System

So, why ArOZ Online System?

You might think that this system has no difference compare to those cheap NAS that you can bought in China. But nope, it isn't. How about those compare to QNAP or Synology? We are cheaper or course and you can make one yourself in a weekend. How about FreeNAS or OpenMediaVault? Yes, they are open source and budget to choose but they only run on one machine at a time...

This is ArOZ Online System. Something different yet powerful.

You might have wanted to store pictures, musical or movie on your NAS devices, but have you ever thought that you can do real time conversion with cloud enabled technology on your smart phone? Have you ever though of that you can access files store on multiple machines with no apps installed on your smart phone or tablets? Have you ever think of doing office work, re-program your cloud storage devices for alternative purpose, performing remote 3D prining, cluster video editing and rendering.....

Yes, this is what ArOZ Online System gives you. A truly web based, distributed, scalable and low cost system that you can do whatever you want with it. More importantly, it looks like an Operating System that you use everyday and you do not need to learn anything to use this system. Isn't this interesting to know?


Documentation and Paperworks

Standard User Guide (Online): Launch

Full Technical Documentation Paper (Online): Click Here

Presentation Power Point (pdf): Click Here

Show all system diagrams (Online): Redirect